Minneapolis Shopping

When you think about great shopping in Minneapolis, MN, you cannot look past the Mall Of America. This shopping center, which is the biggest mall in the United States, houses all you could imagine in terms of clothing, food, furniture and even amusement park fun. While the crowds and overall chaos of such a shop may become a tad bit extreme for some shoppers, it is certainly worth it to experience all the shopping and savings at the Mall of America.

Also great for anyone visiting the Minneapolis area is the great IKEA store they have. IKEA, which is the premiere spot for anyone shopping for new furniture and/or appliances, will leave you floored by how great the selection is. The store has everything you could want to make your house really come to life and it is exceptionally priced as well. Do not hesitate to check the store out the next time you are visiting the city!

For the bookworms in your group, the Magers and Quinn Booksellers will surely keep them busy while spending a day out in Minneapolis. The store houses thousands of books in every genre imaginable, from horror to non-fiction, science fiction to mystery. It is exceptionally priced, also, and will be great for anyone trying to find a nice read for their long flight back to their home city. You surely will be treat great while you are at the store, too, as they have some of the best service around.

Rewind Vintage is the best place to visit if you are looking for some classic accessories for your wardrobe. This place has everything you could wish for, from purses and backpacks to jewelry and belts. You certainly will not be looking dull while out on the town in all of these great products. The shop is also very well prices, and will leave anyone that walks through its doors pleasantly surprised.

Finally, Hearbreaker: Eclectic Mix will be the essential place to go for anyone looking to find a great new wardrobe before they exit the city. The store is catered primarily to women, but they also have a wide selection of men's clothes that will leave anyone in your presence awed. They have all the latest in trends and fashions, as well as some great vintage clothing, so make sure to check them out while you are in the city.